Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Will dance for joy like we're dancing now....

Today, was once again, different and marvelous. We started the day by meeting St. Mark's youth group Compassion child, Maureem. She traveled 6 hours by bus to see them. She is probably on of the only people in her village to every travel that far. She came with a chaperone and they spent the day with us. We went to the Vargas' house to sort the over 100 hoodie sweatshirts. We talked while Maureem play Uno with Charlie, her chaperone and Josh.
We then traveled to Hope again. They were doing a huge school program about the importance of hand washing. You have no idea how much they need to hear this. Once again, we walked to the front of the room to sit in the best seat. While you would think that being given this honor would feel good, there is this sinking feeling. I am not this special, I am not worthy of this. Everywhere we go, every one we meet says, "Thank you for blessing Uganda. God bless you for loving Uganda." We also keep hearing from our Leaders these words: "This never happens". Today, that was the traditional dancing of the girls at the school. This was different than the one at the church. In a stroke of spontaneous fun, Charlie jumped up and danced with the praise team who got called up to dance as a funny skit. Wilson, came down and got us one by one, starting with me. At first the panic of OH, NO! comes over me. Then I thought, will I regret it if I don't? Am I willing to look really silly for these kids? The answer is, of course, yes. So, one by one we got up there and tried our best. We danced and laughed and smiled harder than I have before. There is a lot of booty shaking and I will feel it in the morning, but for the joy of the children and the adults was all worth it. They are so accepting of us here and they are so impressed that we would come so far to love on them. We finished the evening at the Bresden's house to eat street food. Talk about a stretch for me. Words can't explain it. And yet, in the craziest, filthiest place I got the chance to share my faith. The young man selling us chicken on stick, quietly said "Are you a born again?" I said yes I am. He says " I am, too. I love him so much. He is my savior. He will save me to heaven." I tell that I agree and I say "Amiena"(amen). Once again I hear that words that bring tears to my eyes and clinch my heart. "Thank you for Blessing Uganda. Thank you for loving the people of Uganda."

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