Monday, March 21, 2011

What I Miss

This morning in Uganda we're preparing for a day of shopping and seeing the Equator. I'm already sad when I think we're just down the road from Hope and won't get to see the kids again.

So today I'm choosing to think about the things I miss at home.

I miss Muzungu (white people) toilets. Although our hotel's bathrooms are extremely nice, most of the toilets when we're out and about are African toilets. (squatters)

I miss my washing machine (and Downy).

I miss heating and air conditioning.

I miss my family and friends.

These are my kids. Above is Caleb & Brecken and below is Noah & Isaiah. I CANNOT wait to love on them!!!

I miss my bed, which doesn't have mosquito netting.

I miss electricity that doesn't go off at random times.

I miss stop signs and stoplights that mean something.

Hopefully we'll get one more chance to blog tonight before our flight leaves,


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