Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One Last Lesson?

I'm sitting in the airport in Amsterdam and I felt convicted to write this. Yesterday we went to the equator. While we were there, we ate at a restaurant nearby. It was a nice restaurant with a gift shop inside and comfortable seating outside. I ordered a chicken wrap. Can't go wrong there, right? When I got it, it was full of veggies - mainly carrots. I seriously had to hunt for any chicken. Oh boy, was I dissatisfied. I had to let everyone know in my immediate vicinity how I didn't get much chicken in my chicken wrap and that I couldn't eat much of it.

Just then, two little kids, carrying water jugs, walked up barefoot. The little girl was extremely malnourished and looked starving. Her legs were just like sticks. They were carrying heavy jugs across gravel with no shoes and not much to wear so that they could at least have water to drink. We gathered up our leftovers and gave them to them. They ate some and then carried the rest off.

What have I really learned on this mission trip? God taught me once more how ungrateful I can be. Note to self - shut up. be grateful. give more, praise God... repeat.


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