Monday, March 14, 2011


Today was amazing!!! This seems to be the trend throughout the whole time we have been here. I see Jesus here and what a sight to see!
Although this country experiences an incredible amount of human tragedy and goes through tremendous spiritual warfare, it is evident that these people know and love the lord. What an awesome, humbling experience! I feel so unworthy to get to witness these things but I know God wanted me to be here as well as every one else on the team! Each person has their special talents to offer and its wonderful to get to watch the lord working in everyone.

Before I came here I prayed so hard and asked God to use me in any way he can. I ask him to use my hands, as if they are his, each day that I am here. I always wanted to come here and always knew that I would. however, this far surpasses all of my expectations. I have broken through so many personal and spiritual boundaries I had for myself, I am positive that this experience has changed me in several ways.

Today we went back to Hope. I had somewhat of a rough morning and was struggling to wake up and focus on the reason I am here. I am convinced that it was some kind of spiritual battle going on because today was the day I was supposed to teach the "mommas" about vitamins for the kids. As we were leaving some of us walked to the orphanage and some of us went in the car. I chose the car ride. During the ride I prayed and asked God to take away my troubles and negativity and Jennifer kindly offered up sweet words of encouragement. I know that God wanted me to take the car ride because when we arrived we were greeted once again by what seemed like a thousand smiling faces! For someone that is not here and has not experienced this first hand I can only describe it in one way, I SAW JESUS TODAY! I felt Jesus and I can only imagine that this is the way Jesus felt! These children run up to you and literally GRAB you and hold on to you. We are all seriously in our element! To feel that kind of love from a complete stranger is nothing short of incredible! Needless to say their faces made me forget about my morning.

Saka means smile in Luganda (the major language of Uganda)

Over here when you want the children to smile for a picture you yell SAKA! Every single time they grin from ear to ear! Its the sweetest thing,and how beautiful their smiles are!

We are on this mission to share the love of Christ to these people and help make a difference in their lives but I can not help thinking that they are the ones that are truly changing us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It makes me saka.


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  1. Haley

    Your description of your experience really overwhelmed me and made me cry. I could really feel that you are truly being touched by the Holy Spirit through this mission,which is something that not too many people will take the time to experience in this life time. I am very proud of you and for the courage it has taken you to step outside of what is familar for you to be able to know Christ's love through the eyes of little smiling children. I am praying for you all and for a safe return. Love Mom