Saturday, March 12, 2011

Orphans no more

We had an amazing day here in Uganda. Something that has stood out to me is the abundance of trash here. It is as if there is not a trash can or trash bag anywhere. But in the midst of all of the trash, the people are beautiful! We were at the orphanage today with 50+ children, and I never heard 1 single fight or argument among the children. They look out for each other, they translate for each other, they pull each other over and over on a self made toy (the ONLY toy I saw today!) I did not hear 1 complaint, or see 1 child ask for anything. They are content. Why can't we be more like that? Seriously, I mean my kids (and yes I have 7), have more clothes combined than ALL of the children at Hope Children's Home!! The children have very little, but they actually have the 1 thing that is the most important! They have the LORD, and that is ALL that they need. I have too much, and think that I still need more. They have NOTHING, and yet they EVERYTHING! God is abundant here. God is their savior, and Father! We have truly cherished the opportunity to love on orphans! We are passionate about orphans, because God is passionate about orphans. We were orphans once, but orphans no more. What a good God we have!

Thank you for praying for us. We feel it. We feel completely safe. We received 5 of the 7 lost luggage bags today. Bonnie still unfortunately still has none. The food has been amazing. We are ready for what God has in store for us tomorrow! We love each and every one of you!



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  2. My favorite part of the day is reading this blog. You are truly a blessing to these childre. Praying Bonnie gets her luggage soon.