Saturday, March 19, 2011

Eye-opening Adventures in Africa =]

Today we went to the village of Kelit. We went to one of the churches up there and did a VBS with

all the kids in that area. It was pretty cool. There was about 200 kids that showed up, and what

was really amazing was, we all fit in this little tiny church. About half the kids that came were

members of that particular church and the other half were muslim kids from the village. There

was this one little girl in particular who was a muslim, who practically refused to come into the

church. Charlie tried for about half an hour to get her to come into the chuch, he even bribed her

with candy, and still she refused. Slowly but surely she finally came in. It was such a blessing to

see this little muslim girl who at first refused to come in, finally work up the courage an come in

and join us. Once we finished vbs we went to field of dreams and took our group pictures, then we

went to Hope. I loved all the things we have been able to do on this mission trip, but going to

Hope is my favorite thing to do. The kids there know just how to touch your heart. As soon as you

step through the gate you have 5 kids hanging on you. Today was very eye opening, as was all the

other days. We only have a few more days and in a way I'm sad, but I'm ready to come home and

tell everyone about all we have been able to do while in this amazing place called Africa.

Alex Akright =]

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