Thursday, March 17, 2011

The United Methodist Humble School

The children waiting for us

Young man thanking God that he is enough
Charlie dancing with the choir
Jennifer dancing with the choir
children praying
Some type of flying ants with their wings cut off, for snack
Wow! United Methodist H.U.M.B.L.E. School is awesome. This is a boarding school/orphanage in a remote area in the East African United Methodist Conference. There are about 300 children who attend this school. Most of them are orphans. They come from 3 different countries: Kenya, Sudan, and Uganda. The Head Master of the school, and the director were great. When we arrived all of the students were gathered in the open area between the buildings. They were waiting for us. The director had us stand up on the porch of one of the buildings. He introduced the kids as a whole, and told us how the South Georgia Conference of the UMC had built and greatly supported the school. Their uniforms were really cute. The director had their choir "Hope for Africa Children's Choir" sing us some songs!!!! They were great!!! I loved it! They don't just sing, they sing and dance all out! Their smiles are huge when they sing! We got to introduce ourselves next. I told them that I wanted to be in their choir. They have 2 choirs!! The other choir then sang some songs for us. THEN they said for us who wanted to be in their choir to come and sing/dance with us. It was really fun!!! Charlie of course was the life of the party! They thought he was hilarious! There was a boy who gave the closing prayer. He prayed thanksgivings to God. He repeatedly said that "God, you are enough!" This was really humbling. We (I) think that I don't have enough. God is all we need! These children have pretty much nothing. They live in someone else's house, wear school uniforms, and have no toys. But they are sure of the fact that GOD IS ENOUGH!. We need nothing but Him. They know it. They are sure of it. It is all they can be sure of. God bless HUMBLE school.

Love ya,

Julie (Jewry)


  1. Um I hopeyou guys enjoyed the flying ants! :)
    Sounds like the school was cool!! I can't wait to here about your trip! Keep spreading God's love :)

    -Natalie N.

  2. Love the pictures...hope Bonnie ate an ant.

  3. Beautiful pictures! What an amazing opportunity to see what God is doing in other countries... and to be His hands and feet. Awesome!

    Jen Roybal