Sunday, March 13, 2011

Prayers overflowing as tears.

As you have read, we went to the most amazing church service today. A small, brick building. No windows or doors. Short wooden benches, dusty concrete floor and wood timbers under a tin roof. Small, crowded, and filled with God's children waiting for His words. We were greeted by a church member. She said "we have been waiting for you". Isn't that like God, waiting for us to come. She walked us to the front rows, a seat of honor for their visitors. Pastor Fred, yep that's for all my SC fans, stood to speak with a younger man beside him. There were two young men he is mentoring to be pastors and they interpreted. They both stood, bibles in hand, one in English and Luganda. Pastor Fred would speak in one language and they interpreted the Word. They leave their shanties in their fanciest clothes, some are dressed literately in prom dresses for church. They come expecting to hear from God. They come prepared to give something to God in that service-their praises, their offerings, their gifts, their time. The church has about 50 people, half of them unaccompanied children who have walked from the village. The Praise team is 4 animal skin drums. The choir and dance team are there. It makes me realize, we in America sometimes come to church for what we will get out of it. But what do we bring to it? If it runs over an hour and 15 minutes, don't we tap our watch and sigh? We worshiped for 3 hours. They asked for testimonies and people brought them. Pastor Fred set out a small basket for the offering and a large one for the tithe. Most earn $1 day if they are employed, yet people walk forward to drop money in. Don't we normally throw in a $5 or $10 and call it good. These people have fought serious spiritual warfare. All we usually fight for is the best parking space. I am not trying to condemn but to encourage us all to give more of our selves to worship and praise. To dance more, sing longer, give deeper and love stronger.

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