Thursday, March 17, 2011


Every night we say "I call ....", meaning like calling "shotgun", on what we want to blog. Tonight, my section is a sticky situation. The others will tell you about the Humble Children's home, shopping in Jinja, and The SOurce of the Nile. We went to a beautiful rapid in the Nile called Bujugali Falls. Its an amazing show of power in God's world. There were several groups there. A school field trip of a hundred kids or so were there. A couple of us went rock hopping, others sat and watch the spectical of nature's force. A few of us had stood on this rock jetty at one of the wildest parts. As you may have read on the Show Mercy Facebook page, a young Ugandan man fell in the falls and never resurfaced. He was with a group of Yale students. The Bredesens and the Vargas were so tremendouly helpful to many of the people involved. God, thank for them all. The events that was yet another sign of how prescious life is and how we need to be sure of our salvation. Please pray for our team as we deal with today and pray for the family of the young man, Donavan. God Bless.


  1. Praying for peace and replenished spirits for all of you, and so thankful for God's timing which placed the Bredesens and Vargas at the point of need.

  2. Grateful that you are okay, and praying for the Donovan's family.

    Love you.


    (PS - I want to know if you ate some ants)