Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hello from Holland

We are all in the Amsterdam airport waiting for our plane to leave for Nairobi, Kenya.

We acutally (thankfully) were able to get on another Amsterdam flight from Atlanta last night. Julie and Haley sat by a US special ops guy (who Charlie says was pullilng our leg in order to impress us). Bonnie sat by a Kenyan lady. Alex and Jennifer sat by no one but themselves. (We haven't showered in a while :0). Charlie got the "special" treatment because someone thought that he has long legs. He was given an awesome seat with at least 3 feet of legroom! By the way, the guy who was sitting in the seat before him, (the flight attendant made him move) was NOT happy! We were able to watch movies (I watched the Chronicles of Narnia: The voyage of the Dawn Treader), and play games on our very own tv!!! I don't even get that at home!

Because of our flight change, we got an 8 hour layover in Amsterdam! We were able to catch the train, and go into downtown. We saw Anne Frank's house. It was too expensive, and too long of a line for us to actually go in, but the outside wasn't quite what we expected.

Amsterdam is pretty, but "Different". Charlie say's it was "smokin'". Literally.

Julie and Alex ate at one of the many McDonald's we saw on our walk around town. They have posted rules here in their McDonald's. Brian- you should consider this!

We are having a really good time! We have met all kinds of people! Charlie seems to meet all of the talkative people, so he has the best stories! Thanks for praying for us! We love you


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  1. Missing my baby girl but so glad she got to go. I am so thankful for the Godly women that
    God sent on this trip, I would be totally freaked( well not totally freaked but a lot more anxious than I am) if Alex didn't have my good friend as her travel companion. God is so good. Now, go baby girl and make much of HIM in Africa ! Love and kisses, Mom