Monday, March 21, 2011

Random Thoughts from Today

Today was the last day we had with the kids at Hope Children's Home. The kids had school today, so we had the opportunity to hold and play with little ones whose parents work either at Hope or at the Alpha & Omega Primary School and to observe in some classes. Here are some pictures of Dorca and Rachel, who are the two sweetest friends you'll ever see. They are constantly walking around arm in arm or with their arms around each other.

I've taught math to middle schoolers and young high school students for 15 years, so I jumped at the opportunity to sit in on a math lesson in the P-4 class. Their teacher was a young, enthusiastic man named Henry. After he taught the lesson, the students were writing down the problems from the board and solving them. Henry had 27 students in the class and it seemed a bit difficult for him to keep up with checking each kid's work. So, I got up from the chair I was observing from and began checking their work. The only problem is that I didn't have a red grading pen like Henry had. When I voiced this concern to Henry, he quickly went to the teacher's workroom to get me one. I felt like I actually contributed while I was grading. It was a lot of fun!

The Bredesens had us over for dinner tonight. They served us hamburgers, pasta salad, chips, delicious cucumber salad, pineapple, & a scrumptious chocolate cake. (Seriously, the thought of losing weight while here is COMPLETELY gone!) While we were together tonight, we all shared our favorites of this trip. Reliving all those great memories was amazing. It's hard to believe that the months of preparation have paid off and it's almost finished. I looked at Julie this evening and asked, "Do you think it's out of your system yet?" Neither one of us think it is. When I told Brad (my husband) this, I apologized. He said, "For what, serving God?" I LOVE that he gets it!!

Thanks for the prayers & love! Please pray for safe travels home for all of us,

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