Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday in Uganda

I didn't worry about our street food when I saw the name "Holly Jesus Perfeck Snack", who wouldn't want that?
Hey Brian, I forgot to tell you that Chris Rock was here in Uganda today! :0)

Charlie showing the kids how to play with his watch

Maureem playing uno with Charlie
Charlie, Maureem, Jennifer, Jennifer and Julie

Today started off a little shakey! Seriously, we had an earthquake here last night(early this morning). It was a 5.0 on the scale. I have never felt an earthquake before. It woke all of us girls, but not Charlie. Then when we had fallen asleep, someone thought it would be a good idea to drive their car right up to the hotel, under our windows, and honk about a million times. Why? We will never know.

When we came downstairs this morning, our Church's youth group's Compassion International child was in the lobby to meet us!!! We were excited, because Jennifer and I have youth in the youth group, and they help support her. She was beautiful! She was very shy. She spoke a tribal language, so she really didn't get to talk to us very much. She had a sponsor from her village with her, so she translated for her. Her sponsor showed me the pictures of all of the things (a dress, a cow, mattresses, goats) that the youth group has purchased for her and her family. She told me that she is a rich girl in her town because of the sponsorship. The village is very small. She also asked me to pray for Maureem and her family, because her father has died, and her mother brews alcohol for a living. She has 2 sisters and a brother. Our youth group had packed a backpack full of things for her and her family. She LOVED the doll. It was her color, and very beautiful. Maureem and her sponsor were able to spend the day with us. We went to the home of some of the missionaries here, and she and Charlie played Uno with a couple of other people. She came alive. She giggled and laughed. We gave her a hoodie. The one Irene Stafford bought, with the cute purple undershirt. She looked darling.

You guys would have loved the dancing at the school today! Primarily you would have loved the fact that Charlie got up there un-invited, and the crowd of 300 children went WILD! The dancers then proceeded to pull up the rest of the team to dance with them. I, fortunately, was in the back getting all of my eyeshadow rubbed off (and then rubbed on their eyes) by a bunch of 6 year olds who wanted to look "designer" (wich means so cool). I was able to take a bunch of pics for your enjoyment! The children absolutely LOVED it!!! They never really get to cut loose with their teachers/elders.

We also ate street food tonite. Well, not Charlie. He "had" to go rest up for his visit to another sponsored child tomorrow. He is leaving at 5:30 am. We went to the Bredesens, and waited until dark, when they start cooking all of the food. Then we walk to the busy part of the street, and buy our street food. I was a little worried at first, but then relaxed when I saw where we would be buying some of our food: Holly Jesus Perfect Snack! Could it get any better? Well I actually ordered beef, but got chicken liver! Yum!

Tomorrow if it doesn't rain, we will be going over to the island (actually a peninsula) to do some outreach ministry. We get to ride a boat, and a boda boda. Should be awesome!!!

Love you guys!!!


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  1. Danielle - Love you, mom and we miss you
    Daisy - Benji said the Storm girls won their 2nd game today.
    Benji - We won our first game, and now we are the number 1 seed. I miss you a lot, and we are going to win nationals
    Dustin - I love you, and miss you. Thank you for the giant Blow Pops!
    Brian - I love reading your blogs. It reaffirms in me that we/you made the right decision by going. During reading them I get tears, and really feel the emotion. I am so proud of your team, and especially you. I love you.