Monday, March 14, 2011

Charlie's Blog

In Uganda, if a persons hand is dirty, they will not hold out there hand to greet you. They will hold out their wrist or forearm to show that they are unclean. God laid this on my heart to share in relation to His love. He laid this on my heart before I knew that we were going to be speaking in a service. Once we arrived at the church, Julie told me the history of the area and how they still sacrifice children on a mountain nearby. An overwhelming rush of sadness struck me.

Toward the middle of the service, Pastor Fred asked if someone wanted to give their testimony. I really felt like I needed to talk first but I wondered if someone in the congregation was going to speak first and then allow the visitors to speak. The pastor then looked right at me and said for me to come up. I did. I was so nervous. I wasn't necessarily nervous about speaking in front of people but I was nervous because God had just spoken to me. I later wondered if they guy on our team behind me had raised his hand to speak and I just jumped in his spot but he said that he didn't.

I went on to talk about how we can't hold our hand out to greet God. We need to use our wrist because our spirit is dirty with sin. But God doesn't come to shake our hand, he comes to clean it. As I started to talk about the satanic worshipping and specifically the human sacrifices, I choked up and had to stop. I told them that I too was a human sacrificer. I too was a human mutilator. It was my sin that drove the nails into Jesus's hands. It was my sin that hoisted Him up on that cross. It was my sin that pierced his body to drain the fluid. It was my sin that sent Him to the Grave.

It was by God's power that He rose and conquered my sin.


  1. Praise God that we have been made clean by the blood of Jesus!

  2. Your entire team is being prayed for, as well as the Ugandans you minister to as well as the people at home who are supporting you. May God continue to use you in amazing ways.