Saturday, March 19, 2011

Awesome VBS

Today we went to a church building outside of town. The building was really just brick walls and a roof and some uneven concrete but it did the job nicely. On the way there, I felt a bit queezy and when we got there I felt sick head on. I couldn't do my part of the VBS skit and really wanted to go back to the hotel. While I prayed and then Randy prayed, I could feel God helping me feel better. And after truth or dare with the African John, I was ready to go. I never remember feeling that sick and then feeling completely better in such a short time before. I really believe the devil wanted me gone because after I felt better there was a little bit of lag time and I presented the gospel to the kids. Many of them came to Christ. Many of the kids were Muslim. Praise God!

Another precious story from today was that when we were starting VBS there was a little girl who wouldn't come within 100 feet of us strange white people. We would wave and she would step back. I walked a little towards her and she took off running. I thought it was so funny. She really wanted to be in the church but was scared. I through her some sweet tarts (they love sweet tarts) and she started eating them. A little later I held up a piece of gum. She yelled at me in her native language (and I understood) to throw it to her. I shook my head "no". I put it on a brick on the church wall. Over the next 30 minutes she literally inched closer and closer to the gum. She eventually came inside the church!!!

Sean - no ants were eaten that I know of :)


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