Saturday, March 19, 2011

Well, it is hitting me that our amazing journey is coming to an end. We have two more days of ministry work and then an "adventure day". At least thats what they call it. As Charlie said, ' If thats an adventure day, what has the rest been?' This has been more than we can take in and they have told us it will takes weeks to process it all. We have seen, in less than two weeks, more than some Christians see in a life time. I do believe it all happens in America, yet we don't expect miracles and we depend on our modern world to save us, heal us and provide for us. I pray that as I return to my family and world that I can never forget what I experienced. I saw children accept Christ, the sick healed, the mourners comforted, and the orphaned loved on.
The sad reality hit me today. John, one of the 11 year-old boys that has let me love on them, sat with me today. He asked if we coming on Monday. I answered yes. He then said "You leave on Tuesday." I do. He knows the schedule. Teams of Missionaries come in and out of their lives. They told us they will never forget us and I have heard them ask about former team members. My heart breaks for them, and yet the have it so much better than other kids in the area. They have more than two change of clothes. They eat three meals a day. The village kids refer to Hope Children's Home as "Paradise". Part of my heart will always stay here. I pray that I can return someday and let my husband and children experience this. I lifted up Jeremiah 33:3. "call unto me and I will show you marvelous things that you would know on your own." He certainly did. He certainly did. Thanks to all who have supported me in so many ways.

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  1. I know God is not through blessing you, but oh, how you have blessed me through this journey! Love you dearly - Camilla