Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hoodie Time

We collected hoodies at St. Mark's (the church Julie, Charlie, & I attend) and at Keystone (my homeschool co-op) before we came. We collected way over 100 hoodies. Those hoodies have had so many homes: my bedroom, my garage, St. Mark's, the suitcases packed by me and Julie (and Brad, Bud, & Chandra), the hotel room of me and Alex,and the Varga home. I was thrilled that today was the day to distribute them.

We brought the kids into a room at Hope two at a time and the kids got to "shop". We started with the youngest boys, then worked our way up. Then we went on to the little girls and worked our way up. Yes, we started with the easiest, least picky group and worked up to the most challenging and pickiest group. Let me just say that teenage girls act the same about shopping in Uganda as they do in the US. It's not wise to offer advice about what looks good. They have a "look" they're going for and if you suggest something, they'll choose ANYTHING but that one.

Joy was everywhere on the property of Hope today after the distribution of hoodies. I love thinking that on the cool mornings and evenings like we've had here, the kids will be warm.
Keep those prayers coming,
PS--I can't wait to get home with my teenage girl. Shopping with her is fun!

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