Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Waiting in Atlanta...

OKC was a trip itelf. Got delayed and zillions of heavy bags. Thankfully, Julie, Jennifer, and Brad were there to "straighten" it out. Tried to get Brad to come along but no can do. He laughed at me for being the only guy :). I soon found out why. The girls were waiting in line at sonic as our plane was boarding. I was the only one at the gate - waiting on all of the women (sound familiar :)). We literally almost missed our flight out of OKC!!!

I met a woman on the airplane from South Africa and talked with her about God and how he's working in her life and how she had a brother with a mental and physical illness and why God would allow him to live through that kind of pain.

We got to Atlanta and rushed to our next flight to see if we could still make Amsterdam today. Nope. Julie worked tirelessly (and still is) with Delta to get us another flight out. This one is going through Kenya.

Todd is sitting across from me and went on a mission trip to Egypt (a while back). His advice? "Just plant a seed. You'll be overwhelmed but realize that you can't do everything but do something."

If this trip is any indication of what's going to happen in Uganda, it will be messy but spirit filled.

It's 6:03PM OKC time. Everyone is good.


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  1. This blog is awesome. Hope everyone's bags arrive. Ben lost his bags when going to Tanzania. Lots of love and prayers to your team.