Friday, March 18, 2011

So today was very eye opening. We went to a hospital and prayed with people who were sick,

pregnant, and dying. I went with the group who prayed over the pregnant women. Oh my goodness, there

happy prayers that ended with miracles, then there was some women that we prayed over who had

just lost their babies during child birth. I didn't know how to react. The first woman I felt bad for,

but the second woman started to cry and I lost it. I couldn't believe how dirty the place was. I guess

I was thinking before we got there that it was going to be just like the hospitals in America. Ya not

so much. Two nurses took care of the whole ward, it was very sad. After that we came back to our

hotel which after last nights hotel our hotel seems like heaven lol. We had dinner and talked about

the adventures of these couple of days. I don't have much to talk about, but I think I said what needed to be said.

Alex Akright.

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  1. Alex, I would've lost it too. Often asking ourselves why this has to happen to the people there.. I'm sure they were happy you guys prayed for them especially after they were healed :)

    Keep being aware of the food :p I can't wait till u get back!!

    Natalie N.