Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fast Food

Charlie at the Fast Food Restaurant

Even though there's not a McDonald's in Uganda, we found fast food today on the way to Jinja.
Paul, our bus driver, pulled our bus over to the side of the road and we were quickly MOBBED by a throng of peddlers selling pops, water, grilled chicken on a stick, etc. We opened our windows and let the bargaining begin.

Julie & I were SUPER excited to get a Coke. It even came in a plastic bottle, which was super-cool becuase until this point we'd only had cokes in a glass bottle here in Uganda. In all of my excitement I completely screwed up paying the guy for my coke. He said 2000 shillings. Up to this point everything we had dealt with was in ten thousands of shillings. SO...I overpaid him MAJORLY! As soon as I figured out that I had paid him 20,000, I said something and we realized that the guy was GONE (or that he wasn't going to say he's the one who had all my money). Long story short--I actually paid for everyone's pop today! And, by the way, just because I spent 20,000 shillings doesn't mean I spent a complete fortune. It was only about $9.
Another piece of evidence in my defense, the money in Uganda has NO commas!!!
After the rough events of our evening, I'm happy to give you all a good laugh about my STUPID mistake!
Thanks for the prayers and for the support of us & our families at home,
PS--I miss you so much Brad (the MOST amazing husband in the world), Brecken (the MOST awesome big sister and daugther), Caleb (the MOST amazing blonde son & the best 10-year old brother), Isaiah (the BEST 5-year old chocolate son & the best brother to Caleb & Noah), and Noah (the CUTEST 3-year old & the best little brother). I love you all SO much & can't wait to see you all!

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