Tuesday, March 29, 2011

God is Using this Blog

Here is a video of our trip:

Here are some of the responses I've received from people reading this blog. Praise God for all He does!!! I never would've expected that He'd use a blog like this:

1) I read this blog... thank you for sharing with me. What a life-changing experience. I read with tears the stories of the children needing so much. I wouldn't be able to stand looking in their eyes...

2) PTL and thank you for sharing! God is so real and people just don't understand the scripture that HE is the same yesterday today and forever. I am a pastor and work for Quality Floor in Frontenac, KS this message is so timed I needed to hear this TODAY! many blessings and thank you again.

3) Amen! Praise God!

4) It's amazing what God will do if we only ask.

5) Awesome!!!
6) That is awesome....thank you so much for sharing. Bringing so many people to Christ has to feel so good. Congrats and thanks again!

7) We support you and your actions, stay safe spread the word... you are in our prayers.

8) I bet that was a very humbling experience.. I know God does pretty amazing things in peoples' lives and mine. I am glad they have people that go to teach them the word.

9) Thanks for sharing. Sounds like an amazing experience. Too often in the North American culture are we caught up in business of being busy. I am the first to admit this. We need more of these kinds of experiences in North America.

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