Friday, March 18, 2011

Things to Avoid While in Uganda

Before coming to Africa, we had all read up on all things concerning safety. We knew the dos and don'ts. I got 9 different shots. We brought all the right medications. We brought the right first aid things. We paid for our expensive malaria medication.

We were prepared.

Here are some of the don'ts of Uganda:

1. Do NOT ride on a bota-bota.

Me & Haley riding on a bota-bota on The Island.

Our driver was nice enough to slow down for each speed bump.

2. Do NOT eat street food.

This chicken and the chipot I got was so yummy, so yummy! However, Alex was still cautious and didn't eat any.

3. Do NOT wear earrings that dangle.

Bonnie taking her "Senior Picture" with her new dangly earrings she bought here.

4. Do NOT wear pants (only skirts).

We learned after getting here that we could actually wear pants some of the days. BUMMER for those of us whose only pants were sweat-type pants we wore on the flights! Here's Bonnie, Julie, & Alisa (one of the Show Mercy missionaries) dancing with the kids from HUMBLE School.

5. Do NOT get in the water. There are amoebas.

Here's me, Julie, & Bonnie standing with one foot in Lake Victoria & the other in the Nile River.

6. Do NOT eat fresh produce unless you can clean it yourself or peel it yourself.

Pineapple is served at every meal & it is AMAZING!We've also had delicious papaya, tomatoes, cucumbers, salads, and watermelon. can see that we're rebels! However, I've not been sick once. We feel completely safe here. We're truly not taking risks (I had to say that for Julie's mom, Mary). We miss our families, but we're SO excited for what God is doing in and through us.

Thanks for the continued prayers,

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  1. SO proud of my rebel sister!! LOL! Truly, I am so proud of you and your obedience to take the gospel halfway around the world. It has been pure joy to watch your journey. I can't wait to hear the memories come out of your mouth!! Praying for you. Love you!!