Friday, March 18, 2011

Miracles do happen!

Laundry line outside of hospital

Charlie holding Redeemer. He is the son of the Pastor/Chaplain who went to hospital with us

Woman waiting to go inside that door to deliver her baby

Muslim lady who was healed from her malaria

1 day old baby girl
Woman in the maternity ward being taken care of by her mother

Pediatric ward in the hospital

What a great night we had last night! Lets just say that 5 girls in 3 twin beds is a BLAST! I will say though that it was my best night of sleep yet.!

We left Jinja today and went to go pray at a hospital. It is not like a Hospital in America. This hospital has different wards. The ward that Jennifer, Bonnie, Alex, Stephanie (missionary) and Mercy (Ugandan pastor's wife) went into was the Maternity ward. To give you a picture of what it was like: all of the beds are in one room, there are 32 beds in the ward, they all have mosquito netting tied up above the beds for the nights, the baby beds are made out of wire-looked like wire baskets, the families are there taking care of their patients, the nurses are only there to give out medicine, families cook over the open fire outside the ward, the clothes and bedding are brought by the patients and are washed outside on the line.

The first 8 women we prayed for had had c-sections. Some of them were Christians, and some muslims. 2 ladies we prayed for were partially through their pregnancies and had malaria. It is really bad to be pregnant and have malaria, is really bad for the baby. So, the mothers are in the hospital until they are no longer with fever. One of the ladies was a bornagain, and one a muslim. Each of them allowed us to pray for them. The muslim girl was wet with sweat when we finished. When we were done praying for the other women in the ward, we looked over and the muslim girl had packed her bags and was going home! SHE WAS HEALED!!! Her picture is above. She was laughing and smiling. We told her that God healed her! She was happy! We were happy!!! The other malaria lady was not in her bed either!

2 of the women had delivered their babies stillborn. It was really tough. I could tell that we were providing comfort to those ladies. 2 of us had had children who had died. We were able to understand, and let them know that.

One of the ladies we prayed for had been in the hospital in labor (with mild labor pains) for a week. She was due. She needed prayer to go into labor with hard labor pains. We prayed for her to begin to have full labor pains. By the time we were done praying for the other women, she was kneeling on the floor outside the delivery room waiting to deliver her baby. She was in active full on labor! What a miracle!!

We were told before entering the hospital to expect miracles. The people in the hospital expect to be healed when prayed for. They were healed! I know that you will read Haley's blog about the healings she witnessed as well.

We also went into the children's ward. They had all been prayed for already, so we didn't get the chance to do that. It was sad guys! There was a little girl who was really burned bad by scalding water. She was in tremendous pain. Please pray for her.

As sad, and as uncomfortable that some/all of us were today we know without a doubt that God used us today. I am honored to be used by God today. I know that God will use us everyday, we just have to allow Him to work through us. We need to expect miracles! Expect healing! It happens!

I love you guys!


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