Tuesday, March 15, 2011

TIA & Other Random Thoughts

Charlie, myself, & Julie with Maureem

Here I am ordering dinner at the "Holly Jesus Perfect Snack" stand. We ate street food tonight for dinner. It was SO delicious!

So, one thing we've definitely learned on this trip is TIA (Time In Africa). When people don't show up to something when you think they should, you attribute it to TIA. Today we experienced TIA. Our youth group's girl they sponsor through Compassion International was transported to the Kampala area today to spend the day with us. We thought she was coming in the afternoon, but she arrived first thing this morning. We were SO excited and had a great time all day.

After getting her we had our morning devotion time then headed to the Varga home to sort hoodies. Maureem had a great time playing cards with Charlie and Josh. Then, we headed to Hope to a special presentation on hand washing. By the time we got there, we had missed the group of kids who dances, which made us sad. Anyway, there were skits and songs all about handwashing and why it is so important. Then we all went outside to the new "tippy tap" so that proper handwashing could be demonstrated. They learned when, why, and how to handwash. It was comical to us, but SO needed for them.

Then we learned that the dancers would perform again since we were there. AMAZING! Those kids are SO talented. Next they pulled all (or at least most) of us Muzungu on stage with them. My abs will be sore tomorrow from the dancing and the laughing.

We then had lunch at Hope. After that we went to take Maureem to her taxi (she did have a travel companion with her). Finally, we went to the Bredesen's home for chips and guac. Couldn't have been yummier! Once it was nearly dark we all walked to the street vendors to buy dinner. It was so exciting. It was muddy and I nearly fell, but it was still a great time. I got grilled chicken and then chipot (similar to a tortilla). The guy who made the chipot was named Brian. He asked for my number, which was quite comical since I was twice his age! The stand where he worked was "Holly Jesus Perfect Snack".

Basically, it was a rather relaxing day. I was able to hang out and show Christ's love with more of these amazing people.

The thing I love most about this culture is that they hug, hold hands, give long handshakes, and spend time with each other without feeling the need to rush off to something else. I'm hoping that when I get home I'll be better about doing these things.

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