Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 1: post Uganda

I am sitting here on my comfy couch in a house too quiet. My boys are at school and Sean is at work. I have just read over half of our blog and have laughed and cried at the stories. One of my fear is that I will just annoy the people around me with all my never ending stories and jokes. The rest of the team sees each other, some regularly. I am like the coal taken away from the fire, I might loose my heat quickly. Yet, without voicing this concern, God has blessed me again. As, Sean was listening to more about the trip, he say "You know, I will never get tired of our stories." It almost made me weepy (I know not a hard to do). I received another precious gift. The boys are all over me, which is great. Ben woke up, by himself, and came and found me. I showed him some of the letters the children at Hope had snuck into my hands before I left. Ben looked at them and wondered why there on scraps of paper if they were so remarkable. I told him that may have been all these kids have. I told him one boy, Enoch, had asked me to be his mother. He had drawn a line through it. They are told not to ask for things. Show Mercy don't want them to think we are their saviors, but that Jesus is their Savior. I looked up at Ben and he has tears in his eyes. I cry with him. I am so blessed to have a son who hurts when others hurt.
So, life begins after Uganda. I went to the school today for a writing expo in Ben's class. I felt like I was seeing people through different eye. Seeing them with more compassion, more acceptance and more love. Everyone who asks me about the trip will get a similar answer. Read the blog, there is too much to talk about and I saw things and did things that are in the Bible. We did the book of Acts. I will never be the same.

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  1. Awesome Story! I thank you for sharing the word of Jesus and for the giving of your time and compassion in Uganda.

    Elena Partin - Blackhawk Logistics, LLC - USA