Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rainy Muddy Awesome Day

There was so much mud and muck out on the road today that it was hard to get over the "ewe" feeling. Not just on the road, everywhere. In the buildings, scraped on the stairs, in the cars, everywhere. Had we just stayed inside, we would've missed out on what God had in store for us. I'm sure the girls will follow up with more of that but it was awesome. We met our youth group's compassion child. We were reserved the front row seat at the "wash your hands" performance. We even danced up on stage with the band members! The mamas and teachers even got up there. They said "that never happens". We've heard that a lot since we've been here.

When we first arrived we were told not to give out anything (money, clothes, candy, etc) because the kids shouldn't look to white people as their savior but only to Jesus. This is the muddy part of this trip to me. People here know that white people from the USA are rich (and we all are... believe me). I never want someone to believe that I am their savior. But is that a good reason to not give? At what point am I labeled the greedy white Christian? Wasn't it Paul who performed miracles in Lystra and was worshiped? Didn't he correct them? Did he not keep performing miracles in Jesus name? Why then should we worry about giving the gifts God gave to us?

This is my struggle. This is what I wrestle with while I am in Uganda. I know there are good reasons not to give. I know there are good reasons to give.

Please pray for me.

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  1. I will pray for you.

    I think you should give, but listen to God.