Monday, March 14, 2011

I know I say this in every thing I write on, but today was pretty stinken awsome. So first off
me, Julie, Stephanie and Alisa walked to "Hope Children Center", on the way we got to
see things we couldn't see when driving. We talked to some of the locals of Nanasana, Uganda, and
saw all the cute babies living there to. As soon as we stepped into the "Center" Rose and Brenda
flew past everyone in the group just to come and give me bear hug. I was so amazed at how they
really loved me, that I almost broke down in tears (but they would have been good tears). All
the kids were in school so for the first hour and a half we talked to the house mothers. I think I
about gave one of the mothers a heart attack. I was holding a baby, and I guess in their country
your not supposed to hold the baby up in a sitting position, but it was all good lol. After that we
just got to hang out with all the kids. Ofcourse I found all the babies, really they actually found
me. Anywho, I really enjoyed playing with the babies. I got two of them to go to sleep, and then
about five little girls came up to me and started singing. It was the most amazing thing I have
ever heard. I'm not kidding, when those kids start to sing they sound like angels. The things
you see here would break your heart but what happens at the orphanage is amazing. The love
those kids show everyone is so touching. They don't judge you, they don't care how big or small,
how pretty or unattractive you are. I wish all people were like that.
Until next time, Love Alex =]

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