Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another Huge Day

God is awesome. I keep saying that but that's all I can think of in my tiny little brain to say about Him. The Show Mercy team has it so planned out that we are on go and giving talks and praying with people and sharing God's love a ton of the time! It's almost like God is working so much that it is overwhelming - which is exactly what a mission trip should be like! After going to church and speaking and then going to Hope and loving on kids and eating we were off to go minister to men and women at a prison! I was so exhausted that I fell asleep on the way to the prison. The roads are so bumpy that the fact that I fell asleep is amazing since I couldn't sleep much on the airplanes ride on the way here.

God really used our words today. I was really proud of my sister, Julie, for speaking on adoption at the church we went to. She told the church that they needed to take care of the orphans and if they were willing, that God would provide the money, food, and everything else they needed. She said that they are God's children. It was especially powerful because Julie has adopted so many kids and has been an insiration in my life.

At the prison, God revealed himself to many many prisoners (both men and women) who accepted Christ. They were told that they may have to be kept inside the prison walls but that it's their choice if they want the break free from the chains that bind their souls. It was awesome to hear their shouts of joy! Praise Jesus!

As most of the people left the prison, Julie stayed behind to hand out the bread to the prisoners. I would've rather left and let someone else pass it out but since my sister stayed behind I didn't want to leave her. All of the men lined up squatting on the ground. As we handed out 3 pieces of bread to each, they would hide it anywhere on their body so that they could get another 3 pieces. They were starving.

I got a little nervous when it came down to the end because I wondered if there would be enough. We let the men hand out the rest of the bread and Julie and I left. I didn't want to be caught with my sister in the middle of upset people if there wasn't enough bread. God has protected us this entire trip and allowed us to be a part of and see miracles. Why was I so scared about handing out bread? Jesus is the bread of life! My faith was lacking in the midst of uncertainty.

Thank you God for all you've done through me and this team! Thank you for the prayers that you've prayed on our behalf! We've needed and used each and every one!


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