Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nsambya Babies Home

Julie enjoying time with little ones.

Stephanie with the youngest little one.

Haley loving on baby Josephine.

Alex is always in her element when she's holding a baby.

Bonnie got to love on this adorable baby girl for a while.

This is me with baby Brian.

Julie & I decided quite a while back that we wanted to go to a babies' home (an orphanage with babies and little ones) while in Uganda. We wound up knowing (well, she actually knows them) a couple who left Uganda days before our arrival with their 2 new sons. We talked to the Bredesens (our church's sponsored missionaries) about these mutual friends. They knew the babies' home that this couple's two sons were from & said today would be a great day to try to go to the home. The staff allowed us to come in for a while to see the facility and love on the kids.

When compared to everything else in Uganda, the facility was nice. It was clean & organized. Each child has his/her own bed. They all have clothes. There are workers there to help with the care of the babies. There's a really nice playground. There's a medical room.

However, what these babies don't have is a mommy & daddy to love on them and cuddle with them several hours each day. When we walked into the TV room where the babies were, they attacked us. They were SO eager for our attention. They fought over our attention. Although many of them had dirty and leaky diapers, we got down on the floor and cuddled with them and let them crawl all over us.
I personally looked for the baby who didn't attack us for attention. I held a few different babies, then focused my attention on baby Brian. He was SO cuddly and wouldn't let me put him down. He whimpered and cried every single time I put him down.
Visiting a babies' home was a bit overwhelming to me. SO many emotions. Their plight was heartbreaking. However, it was not any more overwhelming than the plight of all 2.3 million orphans in Uganda.

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