Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Village people

Girl in the village
Beautiful woman in village

Haley and Jennifer on their Boda-Boda

Julie eating Goat ribs! YUM!

Julie and Bonnie on our Boda-Boda

The small pathway to the dock. (1km long)

Children in the village

Small girl cleaning fish

Elderly man admiring his "The Way" t-shirt

Jennifer and Stephanie laying hands on this woman in prayer for her healing

The housing on the island

Julie with some students at Eagle's Nest school with their new notebooks

Team on the way to the island

We did SO much today, that it is really hard to even begin to describe it. But I will try.

We woke up early this morning so that we could go to the "island" (actually a peninsula). To get there we had to take a boat across lake Victoria. I can't really explain all of the details of that adventure because all of us girls called the blogs tonight, and I didn't get the boat ride. Once we got to the island (finally) we got to ride boda bodas. BLAST. I can't explain all of that either because I didn't call that one either.
We finally arrived at the Eagle's Nest School, and the Clinic. This is where Steven and Stephanie Bredesen (our church's missionaries) will be doing mission work. Capstone Homeschool Co-op raised $43 for me to give while in Uganda. I thought that it would be a good idea for them to pay for the notebooks that each of the 150 children at the school received. How fun is it that one school would be able to give to another! This was a big deal-to get a new notebook. These children are poor, poor, poor. The amazing thing is, that when you give them something, they will bow down before you on their knees. This is how they thank you. I almost couldn't believe it at first. I am not worthy of having someone bow before me. It actually took my breath away. I realize how special God feels when we bow before Him. It is of upmost respect and honor. God deserves this honor. I don't.

After handing out the notebooks and pencils, we walked through the village doing ministry. We brought a plethora of St. Mark's United Methodist T-shirts from the youth and children's ministries. We gave them out to people at their homes. We asked them if they needed prayer. We prayed for a man with a wooden leg. We prayed for many people who had a fever or whooping cough. One little boy was very sick when we prayed for him. But at the end of our prayer walk through the village we walked back by him, and he was up and playing with his new truck Happy Meal toy. This was a miracle! Exciting. We were some of the 1st white people that these people had ever seen. Especially the children. Josh (one of the missionary's boys) tried to hand a child a toy, and the child screamed violently and ran as fast as she could the other way! We thought it was quite funny. The island is beautiful. The people were so receptive to us laying hands on them and praying for healing for them. Many of them are sick. Please pray for these people. Until the clinic opens, there is no medical attention for them on the island. They have to take a boat and go at least 30 kilometers to the nearest medical place. The mortality rate (we were told) for mothers while giving birth in Uganda is nearly 60%. There is not enough medical care for them.

For lunch, we ate at the school head master's home. He has a very humble home. This man is an entrepreneur. He has solar panels (there is no electricity on the island), so he charges money for people to come and charge their cell phones. Yes, cell phones. Everyone here has cell phone. He also is the only one with a TV, so he charges people to come to his house and watch TV. He also has a spare room, so you can stay there for a reasonable fee (just don't expect a bed, or cable).

From there, we went back to the school to hand out the rest of the notebooks. The older kids were in class when we handed out the notebooks at first. We knew that we didn't have enough for all of the kids. We bought all of the notebooks that the seller had, but that wasn't going to be enough. We would have to buy some later. Some of us were praying that we would somehow have enough. We finished handing out all of the books, and we had 25 left over!!! Isn't God good? This was a miracle, and we were so happy.

We left the island quickly, because the rain was coming, and it is difficult to cross Lake Victoria in the rain. We then went to Nsambya Babies Home. This is an orphanage for babies up to 4 years old. Wow! Check Jennifer's blog for the pics on this one. It was overwhelming. The babies climbed all over me. I sat on the floor, and had 3 or more kids on me wanting attention. I always knew that I wanted to do this. Glad I got the chance. Thanks to Steve and Stephanie for setting this up for us.

We got to go to a concert tonight. It was no other than the African Children's choir! They are awesome! So talented. We loved it, although it wasn't long enough. After the concert we went to eat at Haandi's Indian food restaurant. How many times can you say you ate Indian food in Africa? It was an experience, and it was very good!! I loved mine, even down to the goat ribs!

We had a really great day today! The girls wanted to blog tonight, but the internet went down (or something like that), and so it got late and they went to sleep. I, on the other hand, had team leader responsibilities, and am still up to blog! We get to go to the Nile River tomorrow! We also get to go to the equator, a market, and Bujugali falls! Also going to pray for those in the hospital. Should get some great pics!
Thanks for praying for us! We miss you guys! I wish you were here (especially Brian-you would have loved the boda-bodas today! I'm thinking you should get one for going back and forth to work!)

Love ya!


P.S. I love you Brian, Dustin, Danielle, Benji, Daisy, Ella, Rico, and Bear! Benji- WIN THE SEMI-FINALS of the National Homeschool Basketball Tourn!!! Wish I could see the game!

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