Saturday, March 12, 2011

Alex Found her Home away from Home!

Today was the most amazing day. We went to the "Hope Childrens Center" and as soon as we arrived all, no kidding, all the kids surrounded us as soon as we stepped out of the bus. Each person in our group had atleast 5 kids holding an arm, a hand or a skirt. I can't describe the feeling I got with all the attention I had from every child at the orphanage. God was every where, it was SO amazing. All day long we danced, sang, danced some more did a little project here and there and then danced and sang again. I think that every girl on our team had tons of flowers in our hair from the little girls. The girls at the orphanage were amazed at the texture and color of our hair. I know we were all exhausted by the end of the day, but being there was such a blessing, and I felt so at home there. The ugandans call white people muzungus, and every where you go, you here that word. All day you could would listen in on the kids when they were speaking there laguage, and you could here them say muzugu. Some of the things the kids/adults say just cracks me up. They all so mix up what they are saying, like when they say I want to give you a gift back they say "I will give you revenge". Today I was a baby magnet. Every baby at the orphanage was on my lap, and it was the most amazing thing in the world. The feeling of being here in Uganda is indescribable. I wish the people from home could see what we are seeing.

Alex Akright

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