Friday, March 18, 2011

Lowering our standards.

So, some of us have blogged on some serious stuff so here is a funny. We are discovering that our standards are growing lower and lower. In America, you clothes are dirty after one day, sometimes just hours. Here we may wear clothes all day, air them over night and throw them back on. Water is so scarce here that you don't wash clothes that often. They wash every thing by hand-towels, bed sheets-everything. Then they have to hang to dry, so if it rains, it takes another day. Then everything that hangs out side has to be iron. Housekeeping does all this for us, but still you don't get everything washed. Next, food. We didn't get to try them because they weren't cooked, and yes I'm saying "they". White ants and termites. I wouldn't want to eat them, but if I was served them I would. Gotta be polite and all. One the yummy side, Pineapple soda is fabulous. We eat pineapple at almost every meal, papaya and watermelon, too. Beans, rice and chipot are everyday foods. I love Chipot! I have yet to see a refrigerated egg. Yet, none of us have had stomach problems. Well, besides the side effects of beans once or twice daily. We also have changed our ideas of cleanliness. Although we are careful when we need to be, our shoes, our hair, where we sit, and a car interior all have new levels of cleanliness. There are two types of dirty here. Dusty or muddy. And it is either one or the other, no in between. A fine dust covers everything and then when it rains, there is mud everywhere. The house cleaners are constantly cleaning the tile floors in their bare feet. Personal space is out the window. Blessedly, everyone hear is a kid person because they are all over us. Yet, as much as I am loving them by holding 4 hands in each of mine, they are ministering to me. There are three mommas and a daddy on the team and we miss our little ones. The children here fill a little of that hole we have. With all the lowering, our expectations are so much higher. We are expecting to see God move and we are watching for where. This is such a ripe field of God's harvest and we are standing ready to reap, sow or water. We are so blessed. Pray, tonight, for God to open your eyes to a dream he has for you to come work the harvest. Maybe here in Uganda, maybe somewhere else. Pray, for he will move in a mighty way. God bless.

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