Sunday, March 20, 2011

Created to make an impression

I rarely feel like I get a "word from God". Its not that He doesn't speak to me, but I don't get a word to give to others often. I got one today. When a Mazungu shows up at a Ugandan church, they are expected to bring a word of encouragement. I had prepared something to say, but I really wasn't feeling it. We stepped into the pastor's office, I saw a sign that said "I am made to be an influence". It is in Genesis. It hit me like a brick thrown in my chest. I am made to be an influence. Here in Uganda. At home. At church. In my community. I am to be an influence for these children. To these children. To my children at home and at church. To other mommas, who say "I can't go. I have kids." To those who won't believe that we witnessed 180 men and women give there lives to God as they sat in prison. I am made to be an influence to those who won't believe we prayed and people were healed. Yet, there is a whole future of influences God has planned for me to be. What type of influence are you supposed to be?

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  1. Seriously, SUCH a good word!!! Don't know you Bonnie, but have been praying for you since before you guys left! I LOVE what all the Lord has done in MY heart because of what you all have shared...THANK YOU!!!