Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Can't Say Enough

This picture is the team praising in Bakka. I believe it says it all as far as their surrender to the ministry here.
I have been trying for two days to upload a video of the group as they did ministry in Nakalanda and other places. Maybe I can get it uploaded so you can see how impressive this ministry team really was. Those of you who know these incredible people will not be surprised at what I write. Those of you following this blog site need to know.
We (The Show Mercy Team) are more than impressed with this ministry team from Oklahoma. Not only were they prepared with VBS, clothes, and all that was needed for practical ministry, they were more than prepared in the Spirit. Everyone back on Oklahoma (and South Carolina, sorry Bonnie) can be excited at the power of the ministry that took place.
They were unflappable. On the day we went to Nakalanda we had to take a boat across Murchison Bay on Lake Victoria. About 100 yds. from shore the motor on the boat stopped and we just drifted for a while. Eventually another boat came and pushed us to the other side, then left us to go the last kilometer to the dock without power. So the man had to "pole" us in. That is until he lost his pole! Then we had to help pull ourselves in by pulling on the grass in the narrow inlet. The 25 min. ride was now at 1 1/2 hours. We finally reached shore and we all jumped on Boda Boda's for the ride to the clinic. (Not in everyone's comfort zone) They proceeded to do ministry as we walked through neighboring villages. They were praying for the people and giving out gifts. Then they handed out exercise books and pencils to the students at Eagle's Nest school. The rain threatened and it never phased them. We had lunch of rice, beans, and "irish" potatoes, then back on the Boda Boda's to the dock and on to Kampala.
As if all this was not enough, they wanted to stop at a baby orphanage to love on some babies until we could go to a concert with the African Children's Choir being held at the Varga's church. We didn't get to dinner until 8:00 pm.
THIS IS JUST ONE DAY, and they never missed a beat. Their spirits were always high and sweet. They never complained or said they were ready to stop. No matter what happened during the trip they were encouragers and positive in every way. They ministered to us more than they could ever know.
All this to say that this has been a marvelous experience for us here on the ground. The rest of the mission was just about as busy and the key phrase was "That's never happened before," whether good or not. As with other great teams we are grateful, even more, greatly blessed to have been able to minister with this group of dedicated, excited, and spiritual people. We pray that as they tell their stories and experinces that others might be inspired to come and be part of what God is doing here in Uganda. If not here, then follow God wherever he is leading you, but DO follow him. To borrow a word from Haley, you will be "ruined" to life as you know it, and that is a good thing!!
Steve and Stephanie Bredesen


  1. I LOVE looking back over all the things we did while there. We all LOVED working alongside you guys and the Vargas. We miss you so much already!

  2. OH, Stephanie! Thank you so much for the sweet note. We really felt that part of our calling was to encourage you all. You were amazing, too. I really feel we will be sending Sean a.s.a.p. He is loving the stories, in wonder at the miracles and calls me Mzunga. Thank you so much for serving the Lord as you do. Praying that I will see you again this side of Heaven.

  3. I still think about you and the vargas and the kids all the time. Wow! God is really using you in the lives of so many people - in Uganda and in the USA (and all over the world if you look at the traffic stats on this blog). Don't forget that! Thank you for everything!!!!