Saturday, March 19, 2011

Feel the love

Boys at the older boy's home wearing their new hoodies!

The Hope kids after they got their new hoodies!

Auntie Stefan wearing underwear on a hat to make the kids smile for their picture!

Jennifer showing Winnie the letters she received.

Esther and Prossy writing letters.

Bonnie and Julie helping kids "shop" for their new hoodie

Our team standing at Field of Dreams, which is under construction.

Julie helping kids make the salvation bracelets

children raising their hands because they want to accept Jesus into their hearts

Alex and Haley singing 'Rejoice in the Lord Always'

Charlie driving in Uganda! We all put on our seatbelts quick. Notice it is on the other side of the car. Drives on other side of street too!

It is almost 9pm and we are just now winding down. We left our hotel at 9am and didn't get back to the hotel until after 7 tonight. We went to Kaliit village. It is the village right next to Bacca. Bacca is the village we went to on Sunday, where we were told of all the witchcraft in the area. This village is also extremely effected by the witchcraft, and also there are lots of Muslims in the area. We were told about 100 children would show up to the church for our Vacation Bible School. We had over 200. Half of them were Muslims. Hardly any of them spoke English, so we brought an interpreter. God did more miracles today. He healed Bonnie and Charlie from their illnesses. God brought tons of kiddos to our VBS today. God spoke through us today in spite of the language barrier. Many children gave their lives to Christ today.
After the VBS, Jennifer, Bonnie and I went with the missionaries back to Hope Children's Home. Our job was to go through all of the letters that were given to the children there, and make sure that each child got one. Our secondary job was to hand out all of the hoodies that St. Mark's United Methodist Church in Bethany had gotten for the children. It was really fun to get to "shop" with the kids to pick out the perfect hoodie for them. It is beautiful weather most of the time here, but sometimes it is a bit chilly in the morning, so a hoodie is helpful. The kids have been asking for hoodies for some time now, but since it isn't a necessity, they were put on hold-understandably. Each child came in and went to their size area. They got to pick out their hoodie, then try it on. They were serious shoppers. They wanted to make sure it was just the right size, and color. This took almost 5 hours for us to do. It was really fun!!!
After picking out their hoodie, their name was written inside. They were then given the personalized letters that the children and adults from St. Mark's had written to them. They absolutely loved them! It was awesome for them to know that someone in America had written THEM a letter! They were then given the opportunity to write them back. The letters are amazing! Here is an example of one:
Dear Daisy,
I love you so much. I am 12 years old. Thank you for the letter you gave me. I am so happy for that. Do you know that God loves you so much and me too? I pray for you every day. I am in primary 6 (6th grade). My favorite verse is Psalms 7:1 "Oh Lord my God I take refuge in you. Save and deliver me from all who pursue me." My favorite colour is Red. My favorite sport is basketball. My best friend is Alpha. May God bless you.
Thank you St. Mark's for loving on these kids. Thanks for sending all of the hoodies! Thanks for sending all of the letters! These kids can feel the love from you. So can we!!

love ya!

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  1. Julie,
    The storm won the national championship today. Our son can now be introduced as a national champ. He is so proud to have been part of it. I was most proud when he was chosen by his coaches as the winner of the Christian character award.(I have video)
    The kids had a blast, but they are in bed. I missed Ella and the boys so much, but I know you have been away longer. I miss and love you deeply.


    I am very proud of you as well(except for the gas passing part}